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linen product A

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Product Test Report:
Abrasion Resistance >15,000 Cycles
Tear Strength Warp – 50.15 lbs
Weft – 40.71 lbs
Fire Retardant Section 1 (CA TBsss-2015) PASS
Flame Retardant (17FR) PASS
Colourfastness to light Grade 3-4
xxxx 6.43121
PH Value 6.4


Allergy/Toxic Chemical Test Report (US Standard)
Phthalates Codntent (8P) FREE
Formaldehyde Content FREE
Chromium Content (VI) FREE
Azo-Dyes Content FREE
Cadmium Content FREE
Cadmium Content FREE
Phenol Content FREE
Lead Content FREE


*All Data Proven By Lab Test Report.

  • Cleaning Code: No Washing (X)
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